Share Certificate Special

For a limited time only, take advantage of our share certificate special offers.


  • Earn 3.02% APY* on a 15-month share certificate with new money brought into 360FCU


  • Earn 1.76% APY on a 12-month share certificate for money already on deposit at 360FCU


Get the best rate in town and let your funds grow and work for you! Stop by a branch or call our Virtual Branch at 860-627-4200 today.


Share & IRA Certificate Rates

Rates as of: 10/31/2022See Truth in Savings for Details 
Dividend RateAPY1
IRA Accumulator0.05%0.05%
Three month SC & IRA0.10%0.10%
Six month Youth SC0.10%0.10%
Six month SC & IRA 0.10%0.10%
One year SC & IRA
Fifteen month SC* & IRA (New Money Only)3.00%3.02%
Eighteen month add-on SC & IRA0.10%0.10%
Two year SC & IRA0.25%0.25%
Three year SC & IRA 0.50%0.50%
Four year SC & IRA0.50%0.50%
Five year SC & IRA0.75%0.75%
1) APY = Annual Percentage Yield.


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Special 3.02% APY applies to new money only, not available for funds currently on deposit at 360 Federal Credit Union. This offer may be revised or withdrawn at any time. Limited time offer. Membership eligibility required. Minimum balance of $1000 required. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals.