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  • Fixed rate and term 15 – 30 years

  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)

  • Second home

  • First time home-buyer


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Home Equity Loans

Tap into the equity in your home to pay for college, consolidate debt, remodel, travel, your options are endless! No title search fees, no appraisal fees, no closing costs, no annual fee or prepayment penalties.

  • No closing costs

  • Fixed rate and term 5 – 15 years

  • Borrow up to 90% CLTV2

  • No prepayment penalty


Home Equity Line Of Credit

  • Low variable rate3 over 5 year draw period

  • 10 more years to repay

  • Borrow up to 90% CLTV3

  • Pay interest only on what you borrow

  • Take advances for $250 or more


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Home Equity Loan Rates

Rates as of:12/19/2018
Up To 60 months4.00%
61 - 84 months4.25%
85 - 120 months4.50%
121 - 180 months4.875%
(CLTV³ <= 80%)
Payment Example: $736.71 monthly payment borrowing $40,000 at 4.00% for 5 years.


Home Equity Line Of Credit Rate

Rates as of: 12/20/2018TermAPR3
Prime Rate Minus 1.00%15 Years4.50%
Term: 15 Years. 5 year draw period. 10 year P&I payback period.
Rate: Prime Rate Minus 1.00%.




APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

 1) Rate based on $100,000 loan amount and 20% down payment. Rates apply to owner occupied, primary residence or second home, purchase and no-cash-out refinance. Investment properties ineligible. Maximum financing; 1 Unit, 95%; 2 – 4 Unit, 80%; Condominium or PUD, 90%. Points paid are a percentage of the loan amount (1 point = 1% of loan amount.)

 ARM= Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Rates quoted are variable rates. 1 Year ARM, rates subject to change annually. 5/1 ARM, rate fixed for the initial 5 year period. Subject to change annually thereafter.

2) Rates apply to owner occupied, 1 – 4 family properties.

Minimum loan amount $10,000. Rates listed are based on our credit grade “A”. Your rate may vary depending on your term selected and individual credit score.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan CLTV Limits: CLTVs between 80.01% – 90% have a maximum 10 year loan term and maximum loan amount of $75,000.00.  Rate add-on: 80.01% to 90.00%, +1.00% to posted rate.

3) Rates apply to owner occupied 1 – 4 family primary residences. This HELOC is a monthly variable rate loan. The APR can change at each billing cycle and cannot increase more than 6.00% above the initial rate, at no point will the APR go below our floor rate of 3.50%. Minimum loan $10,000.  HELOC Add ons: (CLTV); 80.01% to 90%: Add 1.00% to prime rate (Prime currently at 5.50%). Max line of credit amount $75,000.

All loans and lines subject to credit approval.

Rates are effective as of the date shown and are subject to change without notice.